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Welcome to Delta World Charter’s website. I sincerely hope it will assist you in providing an insight into our services as well as our mission and vision, which my team and I adhere to every single day.  I truly believe excellence should be at the core of everything we do here at DWC and that’s what we strive for.

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About Us

Delta World Charter – Your Ally and Partner In Aviation. We provide tailored solutions For Private Jets, Business flights or Group tours, Cargo and Commercial Aircraft Charter, Leasing or Trading needs.

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29 June 2017

It’s official: There are more billionaires than ever spread across the globe. FORBES released their 2017 list of 2,043 richest spans six continents, 71 countries and territories and hundreds of cities.

You’re most likely to have a 10-digit neighbor if you live in the United States, China or India, but which are the cities where the most billionaires reside?

Here’s FORBES’ top 10 this year:

#1 New York

Billionaire population: 82

Combined net worth: $397.9 billion

Richest individual: David Koch ($48.3 billion)

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9 March 2017

Experience luxury like never before. Book our B737-500 VIP now!

To charter this aircraft or any other private jet, call us 24/7

Tel +971 4 88 79 550  Email

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An all-in-one app to search and book a charter flight

Access the world of private jets from anywhere to anywhere in minutes, even at a short notice of a few hours!

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