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9 March 2017

Experience luxury like never before. Book our B737-500 VIP now!

To charter this aircraft or any other private jet, call us 24/7

Tel +971 4 88 79 550  Email [email protected]

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5 February 2017

دلتا ورلد تشارتر تعلن عن توفر طائرتها الـ بيلاتوس PC-12 NG للإيجار للرحلات القصيرة

عدد المقاعد: 6 مقاعد (8 كحد اقصى)

سنة الصنع: 2016

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31 January 2017

We are glad to announce one more availability for a charter and short term lease:

Aircraft Type: Pilatus PC-12 NG 
Seating Capacity: 6 (up to 8 max)
Year of Manufacture: 2016

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24 May 2016

You will work alongside the Aviation Manager & Senior Broker whilst completing your training and assist with all sales administration, sales generation and support management duties. You will be supporting the manager in all areas related to securing business from new and existing clients who require passenger / cargo aircraft chartering or leasing and pursuing them using the services of DWC.


Job specification:

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15 March 2016

The aviation leasing market has been on a rapid escalation over the past few years and in 2015 it was estimated at US$179 billion. It is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6% and touch US$245 billion by 2021 (Source: Research and Markets: Global Aircraft Leasing Market by Aircraft Types, Lease Types, Airlines, Revenue Sources and Region 2014 – 2021).

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7 March 2016

Group air charters are customized charters for large groups of people who are to travel together for business or leisure. These are becoming a preferable way to fly for:

- Corporate events
- Conferences
- Sports events
- Product launches
- Concerts
- Group tours
- VIP group travel
- Roadshows
- Diplomatic flights and more.

The benefits of group air charters offers vs. traditional airline flights are intriguing. A few of several that it offers are:

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25 February 2016

With a ceiling of 51,000 ft and speed of up to mach 0.935/ 617 mph, the Citation X+ is the world’s fastest business jet. It is powered by two FADEC-controlled Rolls-Royce AE3007C2 turbofan engines. The smart aircraft with intrepid wing design is fuel-efficient and has excellent takeoff and landing performance.

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31 January 2016

Skiing is the best part about winter. Alone, with family or with friends, nothing can beat this incredible sport of the season. Your choice of ski resort depends on what you are looking for. Here is our take on some of the most awesome skiing destinations that are worth a visit:

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21 January 2016

Embraer has joined hands with SottoStudios, the California-based high-end design studio which has also designed projects for Walt Disney, to launch the first of its kind Lineage 1000E Skyacht One luxury jet – an ultramodern, super-sized private jet that evokes its design from a yacht-style luxurious interior.

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10 January 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thanks to all our stakeholders – customers, suppliers and partners, 2015 was an incredible year for the company. We had some spectacular successes as a start-up company and in each of our businesses - private jet, cargo and managed fleet. Here are some of the highlights:

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