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7 March 2016

Group air charters are customized charters for large groups of people who are to travel together for business or leisure. These are becoming a preferable way to fly for:

- Corporate events
- Conferences
- Sports events
- Product launches
- Concerts
- Group tours
- VIP group travel
- Roadshows
- Diplomatic flights and more.

The benefits of group air charters offers vs. traditional airline flights are intriguing. A few of several that it offers are:

- Efficiency: Travellers choose the time they wish to travel, departure and arrival airport, no long check-in queues, no lost baggages, no unnecessary transits… The travel schedule is made around convenience.
- Privacy: Paramount group privacy before, during and after the flight.
- Focus on what matters during the flight: A lot can be done and achieved during the flight with the entire group together. Hold meetings, prepare for the forthcoming event or just relax before your engagement on arrival.
- Affordable: As a group, air charter travel costs can turn out very competitive vs. traditional travel especially on business or first-class.
- Flexibility: Slightly delayed for the flight, it’s ok! Need to get a few more people on board, possible. Want to get a pet along, possible too.
- Instant support: For all charters by Delta World Charter, an account manager is only a phone call away, 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any questions that you have or any support you may require.
- Customization: Head rest covers, branding, logo etc. all can be arranged.

Looking to arrange a group air charter, contact us today. The stress-free experience, convenience and time-saving is bound to take you by a surprise if you haven’t travelled on one before.

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