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27 December 2015

The supersonic business jet Aerion AS2, also called ‘Son of Concorde’, designed by Aerion Corporation in collaboration with Airbus is scheduled to be available commercially in 2023. The aircraft is designed around the concept of Supersonic Natural Laminar Flow that reduces drag by 90%.

With a speed of Mach 1.5 over water, the AS2 will be able to travel from Tokyo to San Francisco in merely 6 hours vs. the usual 9+, and carry 12 people comfortably in its spacious interiors.

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20 December 2015

Haven’t made travel arrangements for the holidays yet?

They are almost here and you might think you are late – but the festive spirit of Christmas and New Year can still be rejoiced by travelling private jet / or a helicopter. What it offers is far beyond convenience, it is luxury at its finest.

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16 December 2015

HondaJet HA-420 was awarded the permission to take itself to the skies by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on December 9, 2015. Having received this much-awaited milestone, the company will soon start making deliveries.

The Japanese automaker's aircraft arm – Honda Aircraft Company – is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Honda Motor Company and was founded in 2006 to accomplish its founder Soichiro Honda’s vision of moving human mobility skywards.

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30 November 2015

Last week was an incredibly exciting week at the spectacular Dubai Airshow.   The landmark event was a great opportunity for us to represent Delta World Charter (DWC) for the first time, investigate the aviation industry, socialize and reinforce relationships with our suppliers as well as clients.   

From flying in comfort and style of private and business jets, to what many are calling the bouncing back cargo sector, there was a lot to see and feel for DWC from the biennial event which attracted 1,103 exhibitors from over 60 countries.

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7 November 2015

At Delta World Charter, every day is an exciting opportunity to make a difference for our customers and embark on unseen situations. That is what we love and that’s what we do!

Here is a recent situation from our private jet account - a DWC Сlient (Name not disclosed for privacy) was returning from Venice Airport Marco Polo (VCE) to Czech Republic Karlovy Vary Airport (KLV) from his holiday, along with family, on his choice of Avanti aircraft.

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22 October 2015

Skydiving is equally exciting for the experienced and the inexperienced. Falling out of the sky from up to 19,000 feet to contemplate the curvature of the Earth and gain a perspective of life like nothing else – that is what skydiving really is!

Here’s our list of the top 5 skydives:

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12 September 2015

With Dubai Air Show exactly 60 days away, the aviation sector is looking forward to exciting days and getting ready for the most significant international event in the industry. Dubai Airshow 2013 was one of the biggest show ever with 1,046 exhibitors from 60 different countries and gathered over 60,000 trade visitors, 1,735 international and regional media, and an order book of over $206 billion – the largest in the air show history ever.

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29 August 2015

A charter solution for the sports industry should not just be a mere mode of transport matching the team’s status and fame, it should be an experience that gives each team member the comfort, safety, on-time experience that gets them ready to play, and win! 

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5 August 2015

Never ending security lines, connecting flights, lost luggage further driving to final destination to make to that important meeting, and complete exhaustion when you are there. Sounds familiar? Now, how about a morning meeting in Doha, an afternoon meeting in Kuwait City and back home for your kids important event in Dubai in the evening?

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16 July 2015

Delta World Charter is pleased to announce the appointment of Edvard Nalbandyan as Director, Business Development. In his new role, Edvard will head the Private Jets department and contribute to the growth and success of the company. He brings to the company a spectrum of experience and that will boost company sales and presence in other markets.

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