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Passenger aircraft Boeing 737-300 medium-range, narrow-body twinjet airliner produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes belongs to family of the world most popular planes Boeing 737 and is base model of a so-called classical series (Boeing 737 Classic), along with Boeing 737-400 (the version with the extended fuselage) and Boeing 737-500 (with the truncated fuselage). The 737-300 is a second-generation stretched version of the 737 family of airplanes. The 737-300 incorporates new aerodynamic and engine technologies in addition to the increased payload and range.


Max. length
24.13 m
Max. width
3.54 m
Max. height
2.20 m
Max. speed
870.00 km/h
540.00 MPH
Max. range
4 200 km
2 600 m
Max. service celling
11 300 m
37 000 ft