Cessna Citation Sovereign+
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The Citation Sovereign+ jet has an upgraded interior, enhanced technology and better performance to answer the call of today’s business leaders and what they need in a corporate jet. We’ve added value by extending and enhancing warranties making it a smart purchase. Get the visionary midsize jet for visionary travelers.


Other features
Touch-screen LCD Control Panel, Flight Displays, Integrated Avionics Units, Terrain Awareness Warning System, Radio Altimeter, Cockpit Voice Recorder, Maintenance Diagnostics
Max. length
7.70 m
25 ft
3 in
Max. width
1.68 m
66 in
Max. height
1.73 m
68 in
Luggage compartment
4 m³
135 ft³
Max. speed
852.00 km/h
Max. range
5 908 km
3 190 m
Max. payload
1 220 kg
2 689 lb