Dassault Falcon 2000
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The Dassault Falcon 2000 is a French Business jet and a member of Dassault Aviation's Falcon business jet line, and is a twin-engine, slightly smaller development of the Falcon 900 trijet, with transcontinental range. The Falcon 2000 is a private jet with a large cabin, transcontinental range, and fast cruise speeds. Few jets offer as much passenger comfort as does the Falcon 2000, like seats that can be configured into beds. In summary, the Falcon 2000 is a solid private jet with high capabilities and great performance – a good option all around.


Bed capacity
Max. length
871.00 km/h
541.00 MPH
Max. width
14 935 m
49 000 ft
Max. height
6.88 m
22 ft
57 in
Luggage compartment
1.85 m
6 ft
8 in
Max. speed
6 ft
83 in
Max. range
1.83 m
6 ft
0 in
Max. service celling
6 ft
0 in