Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
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The superior agility of the new 4,000 nm Falcon 2000LXS gives you access to challenging airfields. In fact, no other jet in its category can deliver so many airports and deliver so much range out of them. So fly farther. Tuck into short fields. Handle steep approaches. Go where others can’t.

The Falcon 2000LXS can land at over 90% of its maximum takeoff weight. So go ahead and load up the tanks at home base, where fuel is often less expensive. Make multiple short hops and still have plenty of nonstop, long-distance range, without refueling. Save money. Save time. Do what others can’t.


Max. length
7.98 m
26 ft
2 in
Max. width
2.34 m
92 in
Max. height
1.88 m
74 in
Luggage compartment
4 m³
131 ft³
Max. speed
913.00 km/h
567.00 MPH
Mach 0.86
Max. range
7 413 km
4 000 m