Falcon 900-DX
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The Falcon 900 is a development of the Falcon 50, itself a development of the earlier Falcon 20. The Falcon 900 design incorporates composite materials. Falcon 900DX is a current medium-range production type. Evolved from the original long-range Falcon 900, the Falcon 900DX is just one step down from the top-performing EX. Dassault modified the design of the former Falcon 900’s to create a more reliable, better performing aircraft. Enjoying the same speed, size and comfort as its prominent sibling, the Falcon 900DX is everything you need, and a few things you simply want, in a long-range business jet. It offers a rivaled cabin volume and performance only achieved by three engines to adequately accommodate your private jet travel.


Bed capacity
Max. length
1.73 m
68 in
Max. width
68 in
Max. height
3 m³
90 ft³
Max. speed
18 ft
6 in
Max. range
1.86 m
66 in
Max. service celling
66 in