Hawker Beechcraft’s Hawker 4000
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The Hawker 4000 super mid-size business jet is the largest aircraft in the Hawker family and features all-composite fuselage and swept aluminium wing design. The aircraft was known as the Hawker Horizon but was renamed the Hawker 4000 in November 2005. Other members of the Hawker family include the Hawker 800XP and the Hawker 400XP.

The Hawker 4000 fuselage is of advanced composite technology construction similar to that used on the Premier I entry level business jet, and including graphite / epoxy laminated material and honeycomb composites. The Hawker 4000 fuselage is built in three sections rather than in the two sections for the much smaller Premier I.


2 pilots
Max. length
7.62 m
Max. width
1.97 m
Max. height
1.83 m
Luggage compartment
3 m³
Max. speed
1 029.00 km/h
Max. range
6 075 km
3 280 m
Max. service celling
13 716 m
45 000 ft