Managed Fleet Solutions

Managed Fleet Solutions

Managed Fleet Solutions

A solution to every single private jet & cargo charter aviation need across all sectors.

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Hassle Free Solution for Owners and Operators to Maximize Aircraft Utilization.


Delta World Charter fleet management solutions ensure the most is made of your fleet while you focus on your business and what you do the best. With our 360-degree expertise in aviation, aircraft owners and operators are guaranteed swift solutions that will draw up ideal contracts and maximize the earnings potential of their assets.

We have the ability to manage the sales and marketing of any type of aircraft. So focus on your core business and leave your aircraft to us for the best fleet management experience. DWC’s sales and marketing agreement will:

  • Maximize aircraft utilization,
  • Generate consistent cash flow and profitability,
  • Include complete management of aircraft such as audits, inspections, planning, maintenance etc.


The 50 years of experience of the DWC team and 100% customer satisfaction rate will never let you down.

Please contact us 24/7 on our hotline at +971 4 88 79 550 / +971 4 88 79 552 to find out how we can assist you with your needs.

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