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31 December 2017

According to Boeing's forecast, the number of airplanes in the worldwide freighter fleet will increase by 70 percent during the next 20 years as air cargo traffic more than doubles. With air cargo traffic more than doubling by 2035, the world freighter fleet will grow by more than 70 percent, from the current 1,770 airplanes to 3,010 airplanes by the end of the forecast period. Growing demand for regional express services in fast developing economies will increase the standard-body share of the freighter fleet from 36 percent today to 42 percent in 20 years. All new deliveries of standard-body freighters will be converted passenger airplanes. The growth of the standard-body share of the fleet will result in a decline in the large- and medium-widebody shares of the total fleet over the forecast period, from 31 and 33 percent to 28 and 31 percent, respectively. Of the 2,370 projected freighter deliveries, 1,130 will replace retiring airplanes, with the remainder expanding the fleet to meet projected traffic growth. More than 60 percent of deliveries will be freighter conversions, nearly 88 percent of which will be standard-body passenger airplanes. A projected 930 new production freighters, valued at $270 billion, will be delivered, of which almost 60 percent will be in the large-freighter category. Reference Boeing

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