Importance of freighters in the air cargo industry
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9 January 2018

According Boeing’s forecast, Air cargo accounts for less than 1 percent of world trade tonnage, yet 35 percent of world trade value is carried by air. A high value industry, air cargo is critical for serving markets that demand speed and reliability for the transport of goods. The highest value commodities, including computing equipment, machinery and electrical equipment, account for the highest share of airborne trade tonnage versus their share of containership tonnage. Over the next 15 years as the world GDP grows and the world population demands higher value goods, the value per ton of total traded goods across the world is forecast to rise. As the average value per ton of traded goods rises, a larger percentage of trade will become addressable by air cargo. Air cargo will remain a preferred solution for transporting higher value goods that are time sensitive and economically perishable. Freighters are particularly well suited for transporting high-value goods because they provide highly controlled transport, direct routing, reliability, and unique capacity considerations (volume, weight, hazmat, and dimensional). reference Boeing

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