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16 January 2018

After private islands and yachts, the growing number of millionaires and billionaires are eyeing private jets. Whether it be oil magnets or media tycoons, what separates these elite from common men is their quality of life. And to enhance their lifestyle, they fail to maintain a distance from the possession of a luxury private jet. These magnificent birds of panache not only provide state of the art technology, but also pack some of the most sought-after amenities that would make the journey of the wealthy even more enviable.

As we ourselves love a perfectly good jet aircraft, we decided to scour the web for the well-known celebrities who not only possess an affinity towards aviation but have realized their dreams of owning a luxury business jet.

Here is part 1 of our list of the best luxury private jets owned by celebrities.

Donald Trump

Aircraft: Boeing 757

The Boeing 757-200 is registered in the United States as N757AF and was built in 1991. It originally was delivered to Denmark's Sterling Airlines, and later, by 1993, operated by Mexico's TAESA. In 1995, it became a corporate business jet for Paul Allen's enterprises. In 2011, it was acquired by Trump for $100 million.

The aircraft is equipped with Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofans, a glass cockpit, and is configured to seat 43. The plane is fitted with a dining room, bathroom, shower, bedroom, guest room, and galley. Most fixtures are coated in 24k gold.

Donald Trump had planned to use the 757 for campaigning during his putative 2012 presidential bid. Donald Trump used the 757 for transportation during his Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign.


Roman Abramovich

Aircraft: Boeing 767-33A ‘The Bandit’

He owns a private Boeing 767-33A/ER, registered in Aruba as P4-MES. It is known as The Bandit due to its livery. Originally the aircraft was ordered by Hawaiian Airlines, but the order was cancelled and Abramovich bought it from Boeing and refitted it to his own requirements by Andrew Winch, who designed the interior and exterior. The aircraft was estimated in 2016 to cost US$74 million and its interior is reported to include a 30-seat dining room, a boardroom, master bedrooms, luxury bathrooms with showers, and a spacious living room. The aircraft has the same air missile avoidance system as the Air Force One. Abramovich also owns a Dassault Falcon 7X with registration LX-MES. It's called the Mini Bandit due to having a similar livery to The Bandit.


 Mark Cuban

Aircraft: Boeing 767-277

Price: $144.1 million

Designed and developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, a modified Boeing 767-277 is currently serving as a luxury private jet of American business magnate and investor Mark Cuban. This one of the most expensive aircraft is an upgrade to the Boeing 767 series and features luxurious interiors along with some impressive high -performance figures. Powered by Pratt & Whitney PW4000 and General Electric CF6 engines, this wonderful passenger bird successfully completed a nonstop transatlantic journey and attracted the attention of Mr. Cuban. The billionaire, who is also the owner of the incredibly famous National Basketball Association (NBA) team, Dallas Mavericks, modified the jet by installing custom-made seats to provide a more comfortable accommodation to team’s tallest players.

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