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I confirm that I have dealt with Delta World Charter DWC-LLC since 2016, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of supply chain and logistics. Their work has been a major factor in our humanitarian charters success and I would be delighted to continue doing the same business with them.

I can confidently recommend Delta World Charter DWC-LLC as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.


Since inception, Delta World Charter have provided our business and our clients with

excellent service and support resulting in timeous delivery of even the most complex of

shipments we’ve had to transport.

They are a solid, accredited and reliable besides being experts in their field and offer the

most competitive rates in the market.

We therefore can confidently recommend them as a preferred supplier of choice.

"… just wanted to check in. I think the resounding response to the flight yesterday, was that it was perfect. Everyone was raving about it. They loved the plane, the food, the staff….all top notch.  I’d say you guys picked the right company to deal with.  Thanks again for all the help with the flight! I appreciate it.”

One of the top American rock band of all times (Name not disclosed for privacy)

Delta World Charter’s work was professional, efficient and timely.  They have moved US CENCOM Theater express and DLA prime vender cargo to Afghanistan & Kuwait for Silkway. They have also moved General cargo to Baki and other destinations for Silkway’s network station in CIS and Europe. I wholeheartedly recommend Roman Gilmanov and his team.

Samir Shirin
Supply Chain Director

I would like to thank Roman and Linara for working on this so tirelessly and making it happen so well. I was wary because of the precarious situation in Iraq, but with the support and exceptional cooperation from everyone involved, the flight to Sulaymaniyah and back was executed in a professional and safe manner.

Radhakrishnan Gunasekaran

We would like to thank Delta World Charter for graciously accepting this tough job. It was very important for us to get the supplies to Conakry where the ebola outbreak had been worsening. I would like to thank Dmitriy and Roman for working on this time-critical project and for the excellent coordination and implementation of each and every aspect of this assignment.

Richard Smith
Director of Freight

A perfect partner to cooperate with.

Ruben Hammer
FlyAgito, Private-Jet solutions

Thank you for putting on a good operation. I am glad that we were able to put something on very quickly after new introductions and interesting to see how your sales continues.

Hope to see other ways we can co-operate on that AC.

Stuart Smith
Business Development Manager Freight A.E.M.E.A & CIS Regions
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