Five Questions To Ask Your Cargo Charter Broker

Your Charter Broker is skilled at discerning your requirements and finding the most suitable aircraft and cargo solution for your needs – one that is right for your timeframe and budget.  The company is the main point of contact throughout the experience and is there to take care of all the little and big things.

The broker’s expertise and insider knowledge will be invaluable in arranging the charter.  However, there are a few basic questions enumerated below, which you shouldn’t hesitate to pose during the inquiry and booking process, especially if it is your first time engaging them.  By asking these questions, you do more than protect your cargo; you ensure the integrity of the shipment, appropriate procedures are followed and that everything stays on track.

  1. Have you served my industry before?

Experience certainly paves the way for a friction-less delivery.  Every cargo charter is different; the way a heavy and outsized cargo is handled is very different than the way oil & gas cargo is, and so on. Chances are if they have served your industry before, they will do a good job with your shipment.  You may request testimonials and reviews from happy customers, if necessary.

  1. What factors can cause the quote and cost to increase?

Can there be price hike due to any reason or is it a fixed flat cost?  Seek the factors, if any, that can cause surprise costs and deviations, e.g. de-icing in winters, loading/unloading waiting time, customs clearance, foreign exchange fluctuations, industry and related fuel price changes, etc.  Get details from the broker to avoid pitfalls and frustrations later.

  1. Shall a dedicated team manage my air charter?

In the cargo air charter space, a dedicated team managing a shipment and account is much favored.  This is due to the transparency, focused-faster-tight collaboration approach it brings, thus eliminating wasted time and reducing roadblocks.

  1. Is my shipment 100% covered or there is a need for additional insurance cover?

Accidents happen and your cargo should be protected against “All Risk” of damage or loss from any external cause.  The clauses from the aircraft operator insurance should be reviewed beforehand and you may seek broker’s advice on purchase of any additional insurance cover for the specific airfreight.

  1. How is the operator’s safety track record? Have they had any aircraft involved in accidents in the past?

Inquire about the operator from your broker and do your due diligence to ensure it has a longstanding track record of providing safe, successful cargo charter flights; and financial stability allowing them to focus on aircraft maintenance and the safe execution of the flight.

“Because so much has changed rapidly in the past years – technology, innovation and digital transformation; it can be hard to know what to look for in this competitive marketplace with numerous big and small players,” says Satvir Kalsi, Director-Cargo at Delta World Charter.

Contact us today at DWC to answer any questions you may have and to learn more about air cargo charter.  We can be reached 24/7.

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