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Delta World Charter Comes to the Rescue: On a mission to revive Yemen’s Power Supply

In a challenging turn of events, a local community in Yemen faced a major setback when two crucial turbines responsible for generating power came to a halt, leaving the population in dire need of electricity. As darkness engulfed the region, the ministry reached out to Delta World Charter (DWC), a renowned global air charter provider, to offer its help with this critical situation.

The Turbine Crisis: Yemen, a nation already grappling with various socio-political challenges, was hit hard when two essential turbines malfunctioned. These turbines were the lifeline of the local power supply, providing electricity to homes, hospitals, schools, and businesses. Their sudden breakdown plunged the community into darkness, exacerbating an already precarious situation.

Delta World Charter’s Role: Given their reputation as a reliable and efficient air charter provider, Delta World Charter received the call from the ministry. Acknowledging the urgency and significance of the task at hand, DWC responded swiftly by leveraging its expertise to identify the optimal aircraft and earliest schedule devising a comprehensive logistics plan for transporting the turbines to the refurbishment site. Understanding the criticality of the situation, DWC took decisive action to ensure the turbines would be promptly delivered to the appropriate facility where they could undergo the necessary repairs.

Logistics Planning and Mobilization: DWC’s team of experts identified the best solution possible to get these the oversized turbines out using a specialized aircraft. With a deep understanding of the logistical challenges involved, they collaborated closely with the customer and other stakeholders to streamline the refurbishment process and ensure a smooth operation. The plan encompassed the air transportation of the damaged turbines.

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