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How private aviation could fill first class void in post-coronavirus world

How private aviation could fill first class void in post coronavirus world. Dmitriy Korshunov, CEO of Delta World Charter, shares…

4 months ago

Taking a private jet could be more affordable than you think

Want to experience private jet but not sure how or where to start? Chartering a jet could cost between US$50,000…

5 months ago

Delta Charter performs chartered repatriation flights to Moscow

Delta Charter performs repatriation flights from many countries this month, including Maldives to Moscow. “The demand for a private jet…

7 months ago

Living a Richer Life: The Private Jet Charter Mantra

Travelling enriches experience & expands knowledge. It makes one appreciate different cultures, people and places.  However, the time constraints of…

1 year ago

How To Choose The Right Private Jet For Your Travel

Chartering a jet is fast, convenient, comfortable and infinitely more efficient than ever before.  Travelling private is an experience that…

1 year ago

Why Charter Flights Beat Commercial Flights

Chartering a jet is often looked as a boondoggle splash out luxury only for the Royal without much insight into…

2 years ago

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