Cuban medical team lands in Guinea to help fight COVID-19

A group of Cuban medical professionals landed in Conakry, Guinea on an A318-ACJ aircraft arranged by Delta World Charter earlier…

2 weeks ago

Delta Charter performs chartered repatriation flights to Moscow

Delta Charter performs repatriation flights from many countries this month, including Maldives to Moscow. “The demand for a private jet…

2 weeks ago

Plane carrying 5 million face masks from China lands in Germany

Delta World Charter: A plane carrying around 5 million face masks and vital protective equipment (PPE) has landed in Germany…

2 months ago

Corona, Cargo and Charters

COVID-19. Coronavirus. Corona. Whatever you call it, its effects on the world’s economy can be felt and this is just…

3 months ago

How To Choose The Right Private Jet For Your Travel

Chartering a jet is fast, convenient, comfortable and infinitely more efficient than ever before.  Travelling private is an experience that…

11 months ago

Charter – Managing the Risks in the Air Charter Travel

Chartering an aircraft is the most flexible and convenient way to eliminate maintenance & capital costs of owning an aircraft…

2 years ago

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