Delivering relief goods and humanitarian aid is vital in case of disasters/difficult times, such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, typhoon, tornado, cyclone storm, oil & forest fires, sea and air crisis etc.

The aid and airborne relief efforts are essential to save and sustain life, mitigate sufferings and protect human dignity following the crisis.   The delivery may consist of food, water, sanitation equipment, medical supplies, tents & camp supplies, power generation equipment, clothing, relief staff, tarps and much more.  The impacted communities and survivors need this immediate lifesaving support to quickly recover and rehabilitate.

UN bodies, governmental organizations and NGOs cooperate with various partners having unparalleled experience and global footprint, essential for rapid action to deliver.  One of the most important of these is their partnership with the cargo charter brokers, who are hired for the job, to deliver relief supplies.  In this succinct article, Delta World Charter wishes to enlighten its readers on who these cargo charter brokers are and what is their role in post-disaster recovery.

Which Charter Brokers Qualify as Providers of Humanitarian Cargo?

It is imperative that the charter broker being considered has ample experience and successful track record of providing air cargo services in this specialized area.

To provide humanitarian aid, air charter broker needs to meet the following 10 qualifying factors:

  1. Available on call 24/7. It is critical that they have the ability to set up time-critical cargo flights.
  2. Expertise in logistics response and policy implications.
  3. Fully compliant with the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and International law including international humanitarian law.
  4. The ability to plan the best aircraft for the cargo.
  5. Exceptional in-house expertise in arranging loading, unloading,supervision of cargo during transport, airdropping (if necessary) and distribution.
  6. Global network and coverage.
  7. Ability to manage the process meticulously and swiftly for planned arrival of aid.
  8. Awareness of the airports closest to the affected areas and their potential/capabilities.
  9. Essential up to date ground information at all times to eliminate any bottlenecks.
  10. Administration & completion of all documentation and legalization papers – manifests, air waybills, export certificates and invoices.

Drones are also entering the disaster relief market because of their cost-effective insights + reach.  However, there are associated logistical challenges as well as data privacy and conflict sensitivity apprehensions that still need to be addressed before they can be accepted.

It is vital that all stakeholders involved in the airlift process, including the charter partner, collaborate and follow the most recent strict supplier code of conduct to ensure aid reaches the disaster area at the right time and in the right condition.

Sudden-onset disasters cannot be avoided, but the best thing we can do is play an auxiliary yet unprecedented role in providing immediate assistance in order to minimize the loss of life and protect our ecosystem, the flora & fauna; and the role of charter broker is paramount here.

Delta World Charter have teamed up with Global Humanitarian Organizations, providing the most effective way to deliver life-saving aid. Our network of thousands of aircraft and relationships enables us to find the most suitable aircraft and to organize for all the legal and statutory clearances.




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