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Every entrepreneur and business leader needs some kind of a strategic alliance to support their business. In this day and age, everything and everyone is proactive in their own field. Everything is within reach.

Chances are someone can provide whatever you need but for a price. When you’re connected to a trusted and tight-knit network, the resources you need are typically only an email or phone call away.

Forming strategic partnerships not only creates a powerful reciprocal network, but also propels you toward your goals, exposes you to new insights and optimizes the time and energy you invest in relationships.

And these advantages work both ways.

In 2015, Delta World Charter delivered a total of 1000 hours between two B747’s with a US$5 million net worth of revenues to the owner over a period of 6 months.

“2017 has given us an opportunity to partner with a well-established business to which I am delighted and grateful” Dmitriy Korshunov – Delta World Charter CEO said.

It’s a sign that the company is progressing, and is on track for development, prosperity and growth during as somewhat described as turbulent times of the industry.

Earlier this year, we have entered into strategic partnership agreement with Sky Air Corporation owner and operator of the B737-500 VIP and Aquiline International Corporation Ltd,

to cover long term lease, joint operations and GSA, exclusive sales and marketing scope.

Delta World Charter has teamed up with Aquiline International Corporation Ltd to provide personalized, high-end and top quality service in the aviation.

Our goal is to provide the best tailor-made solutions for Private Jets, Airliners & Cargo, as well as Aircraft Leasing and Trading.

Working in partnership with Aquiline helps us achieve that goal. And now with the B737-500 VIP aircraft in our portfolio, we are able to cater to the demands

of the private charter industry and serve most challenging environment.

With collaborations like this, you can expect the best service, solution and pricing in the market.

We value these 4 fundamental elements and go by them in our day to day lives.


Not surprisingly, trust is the foundation for any successful partnership. But what exactly does that mean?

“Trust implies that both parties participate in the relationship with both ‘gives’ and ‘gets. The attitude of giving a full commitment to the partnership will usually result in getting the same commitment in return.

Mutual respect

We have complementary skill sets that allow the partners to respect each other’s unique strengths. Each partner needs to “acknowledge that no matter who did what or how much,

nothing could have been accomplished without the work and contribution of the other.

Shared vision and values

That being said, it’s important that partners aren’t too different when it comes to goals. We share the same mission and objective: to provide the best solution and service to our clients.

Honest and open communication

Taking on a partner is like taking on a spouse. That means you need to have honest and open communication — always, no matter how difficult the topic.

This includes talking about money, mistakes and different management styles.

“It’s extremely important that you let people know where you stand — what motivates you, how you operate, what your expectations are.

As we work to make our partnership thrive, “I would love to find a win-win solution that is fair to both parties in every scenario, and that basis we establish clear metrics for success.” Dmitriy Korshunov – Delta World Charter CEO

Roman Trandafilov – Managing Director of Aquiline International share the same values with us. He added that “Building on our strong international heritage

and our innovation as the cornerstone for continued growth, we continue to be recognized as the air carrier of choice, leading the way into the future with versatility,

determination and an uncompromising demand for customer service excellence.”

Anyone who has been in a partnership can tell you that they are not easy — but they can also be extremely rewarding, and perhaps even essential to the success of your venture.

There are no limits to what we can do.

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