Corona, Cargo and Charters

COVID-19. Coronavirus. Corona. Whatever you call it, its effects on the world’s economy can be felt and this is just the beginning. 

Worldwide commercial airlines are cancelling flights as countries lock down their borders. Passengers are no longer comfortable flying commercial but there has been an upsurge in private charters due to the promotion of social distancing and key benefits of private charter flights.

The effects are not only limited to flying passengers. It is also felt heavily in the cargo sector. Freight forwarders worldwide are facing capacity shortages due to the decrease in flights. Although countries have only imposed bans on passenger flights, cargo flights remain untouched, but the capacity shortage is evident. This is due to a simple fact that very few people are aware of. That the bulk of global cargo capacity is held in the belly space of passenger aircraft. If you look at the UK, 65% of its cargo capacity from mainland Europe is belly space in passenger aircraft. The dramatic drop in passenger flights worldwide has led to an equally dramatic drop in cargo capacity.

The situation is not entirely a bleak one for those looking to transport goods. In times of distress and unprecedented global events, the ingenuity of mankind comes to light. In order to solve the problems faced worldwide, airlines and charter companies are converting passenger planes into cargo holds. Even going as far as to secure cargo in passenger seats. 

Delta World Charter offer air cargo charter services in order to help bridge the gap between supply and demand. 

The urgency with which the gaps needs to be bridged can be clearly seen in the pricing of cargo services. Cargo service rates have skyrocketed with rates in China having tripled and, in some cases, even gone 6 times as high. This indicates the necessity to utilize alternative methods of cargo transportation to help alleviate the burdens currently faced in the industry.

Currently there is around a 20% backlog in goods that are unable to be transported due to the sudden drop in worldwide freight capacity. This is where alternative options like air cargo charter come into play.

Air cargo charter has increased exponentially due to the increased demand and flexibility offered by charter companies which help make it a popular choice. The global air charter industry is expected to grow by over $7 billion from 2020-2024. Cargo is expected to take up an even larger share of the industry due to the current situation worldwide. 

An increasing number of companies and individuals are now seeing the benefit of air cargo charter and the team at Delta World Charter, with our many years of experience arranging cargo transportation, are happy to assist you with all your cargo requirements. 


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