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Delta World Charter today announced it has moved into a new office in Al Maktoum International Airport.

The international airport currently has the capacity to handle 600,000 tonnes per annum and operates day and night on an A380-compatible 4.5 km runway. The airport is being built for the future and once completed, it will have the capacity to manage 12 million tonnes of annual cargo capacity and 160 million passengers.

Mr. Dmitriy Korshunov, CEO commented, “The new office at Al Maktoum International Airport is one of the first of many important changes for the company moving into 2015. It will help provide support to our rapidly growing customer base and further develop the company’s presence in the region.”

He added, “We have also launched our dedicated 24/7 phone numbers for Passenger and Cargo departments. This will help manage coordination and provide immediate support at all times, which I believe is vital. Many of our clients have time critical priorities so this ensures we can get things going for them at all times without any delays.”

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