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Delta World Charter has unveiled an Arabic version of its corporate website designed to reach an even wider diversified customer base. The company already has English and Russian language websites. With the new launch, DWC’s Arabic-speaking customers and suppliers can access all its existing website functions from corporate information, news articles, blog to everything else that is live in a user-friendly interface.

Commenting on this, Dmitriy Korshunov, CEO of DWC said “At DWC, we endeavor to provide our clients access to the world of Air Charter in the language they are most comfortable in. The Arabic website’s layout mirrors our existing corporate website. We will regularly be updating the website in all the three languages”.

Users can quickly move between languages by selecting the drop down menu on the top right. At present, 25 countries around the globe have adopted Arabic as their official language. DWC is committed to continue growing its operations in these countries and others. With this development, it will be in a better position to communicate with its stakeholders for a wider reach.