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Dubai – Delta World Charter (DWC), global air charter specialists based at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai have announced the release of their free App available on the Apple Store. The App ‘DeltaCharter’ allows travelers to search for accredited Turbo Prop, Light, Midsize or Heavy Jets from any Point A to Point B globally. The App is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

This brings DWC’s access to thousands of aircraft globally to the comfort of private jet travelers’ mobile devices, saving time and money searching for solutions to their charter needs. Upon making a search – defining dates of travel, aircraft categories, number of passengers and route – within seconds a user can view options available along with their indicative prices. They can further make an inquiry and DWC would get in touch with them ASAP confirming their selection, price and checking on further requests, if any.

Commenting on the release, Dmitriy Korshunov, CEO of DWC said, “With this new App, we are delivering the very best in private jet search. We believe charter travel is very personal and needs to be talked through and customized; therefore our personal account manager will be in touch with the client promptly. We want to ensure that there is a word with the client beforehand to understand each and every requirement, because only then can we satisfy them fully. So this is not just an app, it is an experience that we are hoping to touch private jet aviation travelers with.”

Visit the App page.

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