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Delta World Charter on 31 January 2015 announced a record-breaking turnover and gross profit month. The company reported January sales amounting to a 6-month total of 2014.

“This sets a new record for sales in a month for Delta World Charter, outpacing even the half-year number of 2014. This attributes to a large number of private jet flights fuelled by popular holidays destinations like Maldives. The number has set a new confidence within the firm that I feel is very positive,” Dmitriy Korshunov, CEO commented.

He added, “The aircraft charter business is an complex and fragmented industry. This makes it challenging for customers to search and come up with solutions that fit priorities and meets their needs. DWC’s success lies in offering tailor made solution based on the customers’ unique preferences. And to compliment, the breadth of our global network gives us access to the entire world, thus making us a single point of integration to deliver efficiency.”

“I believe the overall growth in the aircraft charter industry and our business approach paves the way for our future growth.”

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