• Airshow-Dubai-with-DWC


Last week was an incredibly exciting week at the spectacular Dubai Airshow.   The landmark event was a great opportunity for us to represent Delta World Charter (DWC) for the first time, investigate the aviation industry, socialize and reinforce relationships with our suppliers as well as clients.

From flying in comfort and style of private and business jets, to what many are calling the bouncing back cargo sector, there was a lot to see and feel for DWC from the biennial event which attracted 1,103 exhibitors from over 60 countries.

‘The debut of Legacy 500’ was interesting – with its six-foot flat-floor cabin, eight club seats, HD video system and surround sound, cabin management system and three options for voice communications and connectivity.

Though low orders at Dubai Airshow this year may indicate rational behavior, marketing analysts predict that the business aviation market will continue to track upward over the next five years.   Brian Foley Associates analyst Brian Foley told attendees at the recent SpeedNews 21stannual Business and General Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference in Los Angeles that demand for the biggest, most expensive business jets is expected to soften, as demand for less costly small and medium jets recovers and increases.

DWC looks forward to exciting aviation times, and sharing them with our readers.