For the first time in history, Florianópolis International Airport receives the Boeing 747-400F Cargo Aircraft

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Delta World Charter successfully delivers another first

Delta World Charter, led by Satvir Kalsi, Director of Cargo successfully organized the first B747-400F flight that landed Florianópolis International Airport, Brazil last month.  The cargo plane, which weighs almost 400,000 kilos, made an intercontinental journey from China to the capital of Santa Catarina bringing 700 cubic meters of hospital supplies, consisting of PPE materials, from a private importer.

This is the first time the Florianópolis International Airport has handled this aircraft. Twenty-five years ago, a similar but smaller and lighter plane, a Boeing 747-200F, made a stopover in the city. The 747-400F jumbo landed on Thursday, June 11.

Source: Floripa Airport

“It was a very challenging mission for us due to the size and weight of the aircraft. We worked closely with Florianopolis airport to ensure that the runway including ground handling could handle an aircraft of this size”. Kalsi added

The operational efficiency of the airport’s International Cargo Terminal, including terminal security, the speed in clearing customs (71% cleared within 24 hours) and the storage infrastructure, also contributed to the arrival of the Boeing 747-400F, a flight that will go down in the history of the Florianópolis International Airport.

Watch the video of the flight landing at Florianopolis International Airport here:

B747-400F Cargo Aircraft lands Florianopolis airport for the first time in history. Made possible by Delta World Charter

This is not the first time Delta World Charter made a historical feat. In 2016, DWC delivered the longest nonstop commercial flight performed by an Embraer Lineage 1000 aircraft. The VIP variant of the E190 Regional Jet flew from Beijing, China to Abu Dhabi, UAE. The journey lasted 10h 4mins.

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