• DWC-Air-Ambulance

Private Jets are not only for business or for leisure trips. It is also often used for medical flights when it is too risky to travel on a commercial flight with a legacy carrier.

Delta World Charter offers fully equipped air ambulance aircraft along with the qualified medical team to ensure safety of the patient prior to , during and after the flight when patient had to be transported to the hospital by an ambulance car.

We have recently arranged emergency from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi using a Citation X aircraft selected from a broad list of supplier. On board the flight were three members of the medical team including a doctor and paramedics, the patient and his companion. Although the mission may seem short, a 45-minute journey can be life threatening for someone who requires a medical attention. With our seamless organization and detailed planning, we made sure that the patient was comfortable throughout the flight and got to the hospital bed safely.

There are no limits to what we can do.

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