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Why the business of private aviation continue its inexorable rise in Dubai

Aziz Ghorbani, General Manager, Delta World Charter

The global private aviation market is rapidly growing, and is projected to reach $38.34bn in 2029, up from $29.03bn in 2022. Private aviation picked up during the pandemic as charter flights proved to be a necessity for the world during this difficult time.

The UAE’s robust pandemic policy, including a comprehensive testing regime and one of the fastest global vaccine rollout programmes, coupled with an early reopening of the economy and lifting of travel restrictions, has resulted in a surge in visitor numbers and business picking up pace.

Delta World Charter (DWC) flew over 11,000 passengers across 80 flights in the first six months of 2021, generating over $8m in revenue. Fast forward to 2022, and it appears that the growth trajectory is set to continue, given the tremendous pent-up demand for leisure travel. DWC has already received a large number of inquiries and bookings for private charters this summer.

But it isn’t just leisure travel, business travellers are also choosing private aviation because of the flexibility, time efficiency, and wide network. This is in addition to the added benefit of safety, privacy and comfort, at prices approximately proportional to first-class commercial travel. For example, a heavy jet from Dubai to Maldives can take up to 10 passengers from $60,000, which works out to about $6,000 per person. (The price depends on aircraft type and availability.)


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