Cuban medical team lands in Guinea to help fight COVID-19

A group of Cuban medical professionals landed in Conakry, Guinea on an A318-ACJ aircraft arranged by Delta World Charter earlier this month.

The aid was sent to support the country in controlling the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. “Our team immediately worked on the best options and offered a suitable solution within 3 hours of receiving the inquiry.” Aziz Ghorbani, General Manager said.

“The Air Charter business is built on trust and long-lasting relationships. This is critical when it comes to last minute flights. We needed to act quickly in making the right decisions and work with reliable partners to make it happen. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, we secured all necessary permits with the help of the airline’s operations department who worked with us side by side, 24/7 to ensure this critical job gets done in time.” Ghorbani added.

According to official data, Cuba has sent over 2,600 medical collaborators, divided into 33 brigades to 26 nations to help fight Covid-19. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Republic of Cuba
We are proud to take action and are committed to offer full support in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delta World Charter continues to work closely with its customers and carriers to find the right charter solutions. The company specialises in private jets, air ambulance / medical flights, emergency evacuations, head of state missions and air freight / cargo aircraft charters and short to medium term leases. Our in-house state of the art software and global network of contacts provides access over 60,000 aircraft worldwide thus enabling us to offer the best solutions at a short time.

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