Delta Charter performs chartered repatriation flights to Moscow

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Delta Charter performs repatriation flights from many countries this month, including Maldives to Moscow.

“The demand for a private jet charter is increasing rapidly due to massive cancellations of international flights caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of citizens ended up stranded abroad, and special flights were organized for their evacuation by government organizations, embassies, missions, and diasporas.” Julian Burtsev, Charter Specialist added.

Our team continues to work closely with carriers from around the world to ensure strict adherence to aircraft cleaning standards.

Example of repatriation flights:

✈ From Amsterdam to Moscow by private jet Citation XLS (medium-sized, 8 seater).

Charter Cost from *€ EUR 18,000.00 or *€ 2,250 per seat.

✈ Brussels to Moscow by private jet Challenger 350 (super medium-sized, 8 seater).

Charter Cost from *€ EUR 21,000,00 or *€ 2,625 per seat.

✈ From Maldives to Moscow by private jet Bombardier Global 6000 (ultra-long range, 14 seater).

Charter Cost from *€ EUR 99,000,00 or *€ 7,071 per seat.

*Disclaimer: The prices described in this article are approximate, by no means comprehensive, and are for information purposes only. Pricing can depend on many factors. Hourly rates do not purport to include taxes, fees, or customer-selected options. The cost to position an aircraft to your point of departure (if it is otherwise not based there) is an important factor that should not be discounted.

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