• DWC-Citation-X+

With a ceiling of 51,000 ft and speed of up to mach 0.935/ 617 mph, the Citation X+ is the world’s fastest business jet. It is powered by two FADEC-controlled Rolls-Royce AE3007C2 turbofan engines. The smart aircraft with intrepid wing design is fuel-efficient and has excellent takeoff and landing performance.

With spacious standard seating configuration for 12 people and luxury interiors, it is an extravagance in air for business travel or recreation. The interior of Citation X+ can be customized to the customer’s specs in seating design, color choice and entertainment features to include global, satellite Wi-Fi connectivity.

The lengthier cabin (additional 15 inches of fuselage length vs. its predecessor) is built around an exclusive intelligent cabin management and entertainment technology solution is integrated with its avionics and electrical systems.

This astonishing aircraft has redefined the super mid-size private aircraft category with efficiency and features, and DWC loves flying travellers to their destinations on board this fabulous aircraft. Contact us for travelling Citation X+ today and we would be happy to assist you.

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