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15 January 2018

ACMI is an acronym that stands for the words Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance which are the four pillars which are being “leased” by an operator from another operator. There may be some variations to the ACMI formula, but in general the lessee receives a “full meal deal” – an aircraft that is ready to fly almost immediately after the lease contract has been signed.

What is ACMI leasing?

ACMI is a wet lease option which is a purchase of a service than an actual lease. The lessee signs an ACMI lease contract for an aircraft or a fleet of aircraft, which are being operated by their current operator, albeit under the lessees AOC.

In an ACMI lease you hire an aircraft which is ready to fly on your routes. The company from which you lease the aircraft needs to do the rest. “The rest” in this case means anything from flight planning and crew rostering to ensuring proper maintenance is being performed.

Delta World Charter holds comprehensive experience in the ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) lease market.  We offer a complete range of short, medium and long-term ACMI leasing solutions. Our services extend and adapt throughout the duration of the contract to enhance customer value. Contact us now to get a quote!

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