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Those who have been involved in transporting heavy and oversized cargo know that it is extremely complex, challenging and tedious.  It is influenced by various factors such as the type of cargo and its volume, the aircraft chosen, the timing of the airlift, airports involved, facilities required, trip length and the legal structure and support to name a few.

DWC cargo team has a vast experience in airlifting heavy and outsize cargo from a wide array of industries such as petrochemical, mining, construction, metals, industrial and transportation equipment and more.

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case study: Multimodal Transport

DWC - case study Multimodal Transport

Background: An offshore oil rig was inoperable due to multiple problems. To resolve the situation, a vital equipment used particularly as a catalyst for primary reactors had to be transported to a location in a short time.

Solution: Our team coordinated the pickup of the reactors from the warehouse in Charles de Gaulle by sending 4 trucks and arranged permits to load them directly to the aircraft. The Boeing 777 freighter was the perfect aircraft to deliver the equipment, with its ability to load the size and weight of the cargo. The team pre-arranged customs clearances and permits for express pick up on landing at the destination, including airside truck access for the consignee, which is a critical aspect for on-time delivery. The reactors reached their destination, saving significant costs for our client.

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