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Air Cargo Charter Services

Our Air Cargo Charter Services offer increased reliability, as cargo is transported on dedicated aircraft, reducing the risk of delays or damage to cargo. Cargo Aircraft are equipped with specialized cargo-handling equipment, such as rollers, pallets, and containers, to ensure the safe and secure transportation of goods.

Air Cargo Charter Services are commonly used in industries such as mining, oil and gas, construction, pharma, humanitarian aid, pharma and others, where time-sensitive or specialized cargo needs to be transported quickly and efficiently. The use of air cargo charters can also help to reduce supply chain disruptions and mitigate the impact of unexpected events, such as natural disasters or other.

Overall, Air Cargo Charter Services provide a flexible and reliable solution for businesses and organizations that require specialized air transportation of goods, offering customized services to meet the specific needs of each customer. These services are primarily used by businesses and organizations that require Urgent Air Cargo Charter or specialized air transportation of goods, such as heavy machinery, perishable items, oversized cargo, or hazardous materials.

DWC - Heavy and outsize air cargo

Heavy & Outsized

Air transporting heavy and oversized cargo is extremely complex, challenging and tedious.  It is influenced by various factors such as the type of cargo and its volume, the aircraft chosen, the timing of the airlift, airports involved, facilities required, trip length. We offer stress-free Air Cargo Charter Service.

Humanitarian and Relief Air Cargo Charter

Humanitarian Aid and Relief

In case of disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, storms, typhoons, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, air cargo charters are the only effective option to deliver support to the disaster-stricken area. But such a catastrophe is usually followed by other invading problems such as air traffic…

Oil & Gas Air Cargo Charter

Oil & Gas

Managing and executing an airlift for the Oil & Gas industry can be a very cumbersome and risky process because of the threat involved. Any air cargo charter company that undertakes an oil and gas transport needs to have specialists who are well versed with the process from A to Z…

Dangerous Goods Air Cargo Charter

Dangerous Goods

By virtue of our strong global partnerships with aircraft, on-the-ground operators and other related people and corporates; we offer a one-stop unmatched air cargo charter solution for airlifting your dangerous goods by following all DG safety standards…

Special Air Cargo Charter Service

Special Cargo

Our Special Air Cargo Charter service is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals who require urgent and highly specialized air transportation of their goods. We offer a personalized and flexible approach to meet your unique needs…

Military Logistics Air Cargo Charter

Military Logistics

Our air cargo charter team of experts works closely with you to understand your cargo’s specifications, ensuring that we provide the most efficient and effective air transport solutions. From heavy, oversized or hazardous materials, we have the expertise …

Live Animals Air Cargo Charter

Live Animals Transport

DWC believes in live animal transportation that is safe, humane, and focused on protecting the animals during transport and handling them with supreme care at every step of the air cargo charter process…

Perishable Air Cargo Charter


Perishable Air Cargo Charter, you can expect timely and reliable delivery to your destination, ensuring that your cargo arrives on-time and in perfect condition. Choose our service for exceptional quality and …

Pharma Air Cargo Charter


Our air cargo charter service is designed to meet the highest standards of quality, security, and compliance, ensuring that your pharmaceutical products are transported with the utmost care and professionalism…

Automotive Air Cargo Charter


Whether you need to transport a single automotive or multiple vehicles, we have the air cargo charter expertise and resources to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination in pristine condition…

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